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What Secure 2.0 Means for Retirement Plans

The Secure 2.0 Act was enacted at the end of 2022.  This change in retirement plan law has been two years in the making and will have significant impact to the retirement industry, employer plans, and recordkeeping.  Titan Investments believes in being proactive rather than reactive and have created the following resources to help employers.

Auto Enrollment

New 401(k) and 403(b) plans make it mandatory for full-time employees to be automatically enrolled.  The default rate ranges from 3% to 10%.  Each year, the deferral rate increases by 1% until it reaches a maximum of at least 10% but no more than 15%.  Employees are given a 90-day period to choose whether they want to opt out of the automatic enrollment.  These changes aim to encourage greater participation in retirement savings and gradually increase savings rates over time.

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Part-Time Eligibility

Part-time employees who complete 500 hours of work in 2 consecutive years must be made eligible to enter into the plan.  The periods considered for computing if workers are eligible begin on or after 1/1/2021.  If the workers are deemed to have completed the neccessary hours, they must be eligible to defer into retirement plan beginning in the year of 2025.

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Tax Incentives

Businesses with up to 50 employees can recieve a three-year start-up tax credit that covers all start-up costs of the new retirement plan, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year.  Employers with 100 or fewer employees can benefit from a five-year start-up tax credit for contributing to their employee’s retirement plans.  The tax credit allows employers to recieve up to $1,000 per employee, provided the employee earns less than $100,000.  These tax incentives are designed to encourage businesses to start offering retirement plans and provide financial support during the intial years.  They offer significant advantages for employees considering implementing a retirement plan.

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The Require Minimum Distribution (RMD) age was pushed back from 70 1/2 to 72.  In addition, this age is further increased as we progress foward with participants having the ability to delay RMDs until age 75 by 2035.

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Our Benefits

Titan Investment Management brings institutional solutions to employers. Our research-oriented, disciplined investment model combines appropriate equity and fixed income vehicles for participants, that extend beyond the staleness of mutual funds..


We remove the “middleman” of mutual funds and third-party investments. Investing through individual equity positions demostrates Titan’s investment acumen, removes layered fees & additional costs, and optmimzes tax consideration. Further, Titan is accountable through the financial planning process, parterning with clients as they achieve their financial goals and peace of mind.


First, our transparent fee structure is fully laid out to prospects and clients, delivered quarterly. Additionally, we offer two different avenues to provide service: a fee-only asset management and financial planning partnership, or a montly subscription-based relationship for those early in their career and/or working toward a solid financial footing. Just as important, Titan is transparent in our investment philosophy such that we are invested in the exact same equities as our clients.


Our 3-tiered equity model brings quantitiatve (econometric and algorithmic) and qualitiative (fundamental) analysis together to actively and tactically outperform the global market. This leads to in-house equity and fixed income selections that demonstrate Titan’s commitment to rigorous asset management & our investment process.

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