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Small Business 401K

Trust and integrity are the foundation that our work is built upon. You dedicated your life to your business. Let us partner with you for your future.

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Multigenerational Family Wealth

Family is everything. Family is why we do what we do. At Titan, we are here to give your family the best care across the generations.

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High Networth Individuals

For those who refuse to put their capital in a retail solution filled with mutual funds, we provide a custom portfolio built to the highest specifications.

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A Passion for Excellence

Titan Investment Management

At Titan Investment Management, we provide a full spectrum investment solution designed for personal accounts, trusts, IRAs, employer-sponsored plans, and other types of investment accounts. Our goal is to deliver customized, thoughtful investment solutions with competitive performance, relevant insights, and a clear analysis of results and fees. 

Founder & CEO – Titan Investment Management

Kenny Blickenstaff, MBA, CFA

After years in the institutionalized investment world as a Chartered Financial Analyst, I realized that people deserved a better investment solution for their future then what they were being offered through the traditional retail market.

When I started Titan Investment Management, I dedicated myself to building the best investment solution available that is built on four key elements – Relationship Focused, Deep Understanding of Client Needs, Disciplined Portfolio Construction, and Rigorous Oversight.

I am passionate about the markets and I am dedicated to bringing you a high-level investment solution. (Learn more about Kenny… )

Relationship Focused

Our work together is built on trust and a deep understanding of your needs and vision for the future. Everything starts with a strong relationship that endures across time.

Deep Understanding

Before we invest any money for a client, I will work with you personally to understand your needs, identify your goals, and evaluate your tolerance for risk, and determine your time horizon.

Disciplined Portfolio Construction

Our portfolio construction is second to none. We leverage exposure to an appropriate mix of traditional and nontraditional assets. Maximizing the interplay of sectors, industries, and countries.

Rigorous Oversight

When implementing a client’s investment strategy, a stringent process to screen the existing portfolio, as well as new ideas, is constantly exercised, selecting only those that meet the objectives established for that client.

With experience across all market conditions and cycles, we thrive in both turbulent as well as exuberant markets, and we provide a solution that will exceed your expectations

Titan Investment Management

Our Approach & Philosophy

Our goal at Titan is to deliver customized, thoughtful investment solutions with competitive performance, relevant insights, and a clear analysis of results and fees. With experience in both turbulent as well as exuberant markets we have the solutions to fit the personal, customized needs of the client

The Titan Difference

Retail investment products are composed of mutual funds that have been created as a mass-market solution that is easily sold by brokers to their established customer base. 

Besides having additionally hidden and complicated costs, mutual funds come with little accountability as the mutual fund manager is the one making the actual investment selection with the broker or investment advisor having no say in the security selection. Lastly, many mutual funds are used to simply replicate the performance of the overall markets. They are sold as a “safe solution” to the retail market.

Our Competitive Advantage – Titan’s Four Tier Model

At Titan, we know you deserve better than a portfolio filled with mutual funds. The Titan portfolio is designed with four tiers that are composed of only high-grade equities and bonds. This design structure keeps costs down and provides maximum return across all market conditions while managing risk and draw-down.

The first tier serves as the core foundation of the portfolio. This foundation is composed of in-house security selection in US equities. The second tier is composed of in-house security selection in US fixed income. This mix of core US equities with US fixed income not only diversifies returns, but also the ability to negotiate risk

and return across dynamic markets. Lastly, the third tier is composed of in-house security selection

with a bias towards tactical and high potential trading opportunities. This tier is constantly reviewed

and monitored given the dynamic structure of the tier. The fourth tier is those equities that are on our watch list as high potential opportunities that we systematically evaluate for performance and value.

This four-tier approach allows Titan to remain agile and responsive to market conditions, it allows us to harvest taxes to your advantage, and more importantly, it allows us to optimize return while managing risk in a much more sophisticated and thoughtful manner.

Understanding this distinction is critical for your performance, your success, and your future.

Our Philosophy is Built on Five Pillars

Asset Allocation

By properly diversifying across the investment spectrum the risk of one particular asset class defining performance is diluted.

Security Selection

Further diversification can be achieved by selecting specific securities that reflect Titan’s strongest convictions.


Historically, over the long term investment goals are more feasible than if it is approached as a day to day solution.

Investor Behavior

Titan clients receive a customized investment plan set out to meet the client’s objectives. Sticking to this plan is paramount to its successful execution.


Titan’s core solution optimizes individual securities that reflect management’s conviction as well as the ability to harvest losses and achieve optimal tax results.

“I put the future of my family and my personal wealth in the same equities as my clients. I believe this conveys an additional level of conviction and transparency”

 – Kenny Blickenstaff, CFA, MBA

Titan Investment Management

Wealth Solutions

Customized Thoughtful Investment Solutions with Competitive Performance

At Titan Investment Management, we are an investment advisor first, but seek to provide overall wealth management advice. We seek to manage your investment picture, whether that be personal accounts, trusts, IRAs, employer-sponsored plans, and other types of investment accounts.

Small Business 401K Investing

As a successful business owner, one of the lower priorities is the firm’s 401k. However, Titan brings a holistic, yet sophisticated approach that benefits all participants regardless of balance. This 401k strategy is a turnkey solution that removes the potential headaches of a business owner managing the 401k.

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Multigenerational Family Wealth

Time is fickle and often catches us off guard. However, with the help of Titan, you can be prepared for the passage of time. With Titan, your hard-earned wealth will not only receive personalized care and a sophisticated solution for you now but for generations to come.

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High Net Worth Individuals

For those who refuse to put their capital in a retail solution filled with mutual funds, we provide a custom portfolio built to the highest specifications. Bring the latest research in quantitative and fundamental analysis we provide you a sophisticated investment solution that will compete in the toughest of markets.

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Whether one is looking to grow their lifetime wealth or preserve that lifetime wealth for generations to come, Titan can construct an investment solution based on your priorities.

Ready to Get Started?

Meet the Team

There’s that guy you can just feel his competitive nature and fierce intellect as soon as he walks into the room. Then you smile because you know he works for you.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, Kenny completed his undergraduate studies at Purdue University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Immediately following graduation, he began pursuing his Chartered Financial Analyst designation and employment at Charles Schwab as a broker. He then moved on to become an investment analyst for Purdue Employee Federal Credit Union and completed his CFA designation, passing each level on his first attempt.

After completion of the CFA, he began working for Busey Wealth Management as a Fixed Income analyst and eventually moved on to become a Portfolio Manager and Vice President of Investment Management playing a key role in the management of a $6 Billion multi-family fund. While working for Busey, he also began pursuing his MBA at the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business on nights and weekends.

This pursuit eventually led him to Chicago where he began employment as a Fixed Income Analyst for Geneva Advisors (now CIBC) and took on an advisory role with all equity products. After graduating from the University of Chicago Booth with his MBA in June 2016, he was promoted to Portfolio Manager, eventually overseeing the security selection of over $1.5 billion in assets.

Ten years of education and experience ultimately led to the inception and creation of Titan Investment Management in 2018 – an amalgamation of investment experience, continual education, and forward-thinking strategies.

Kenny now lives in Zionsville, Indiana with his wife, Jordan, and their daughter. He enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor sports, reading, and exercise in his spare time.

At Titan, we know you deserve better.

Titan Insights

We live in turbulant and uncertain times. Titan provides current and timely insights on market conditions, market influences and trends.

Credit Suisse Shakes Up Investment Banking

The Swiss lender’s new chief executive unveiled a plan to combine most of the fragmented trading and investment-banking businesses, his first strategic move since he took the helm six months ago.

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Slick Oil Trading Helps Royal Dutch Shell and Total

Trading, retail and other formerly peripheral businesses will likely become increasingly important for integrated oil majors like Shell and Total.

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Fannie Mae Earnings Improve as Credit Expenses Decline

Fannie’s latest results were buoyed by a decline in credit-related expenses, which had ballooned in the first quarter as the company braced for a wave of homeowners requesting forbearance on their mortgage payments.

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